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I am so excited to introduce to you the “Keepin’ It Real” sessions.  These sessions are designed to showcase your kids’ interests and personalities.  No need to stress and shop for the perfect outfit that they may never wear again, prep your kids for what they’ll need to do, bribe them, and then stress about them posing and smiling for photos.  Let’s do what your kids want to do!  Do you have a toddler who wears a super hero cape and rubber boots every day?  Maybe a little lady who won’t leave the house without her princess dresses?  Is your child obsessed with sports?  Or music?  Does she love to have tea parties with her dolls every day?  Are you constantly breaking up Nerf gun wars?  Maybe your kid is always covered in mud, wearing the knees out of his jeans while he pushes the dump trucks around in the dirt.  Maybe you have a little reader with a great book collection.  Or maybe you’re like me and have kids who have two totally different sides that you want to showcase (check out my ballerina skateboarder and my hockey loving girlie-girl below).  Whatever it is that your kids are interested in, let’s shoot it!  I really want to show who your child is right now – authentically them.  Get dirty, have fun, let the kids be kids!  These sessions can be completely natural and unposed or if the kids are a bit older we can incorporate whatever they love into some fun posed photos.

The best part?  Since I’m so excited to dig into these sessions, I’m offering them at an introductory rate of $150 each for the month of May.  We’ll have 30 minutes of shooting fun at a location of your choice, then you’ll receive an online gallery with digital download of 15 of the best images from your session.  Spaces are limited, so get in touch to book.  I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!

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