Mireille & Marcel | Ste-Marie-de-Kent Wedding

Mireille & Mark were married last October when the autumn leaves were perfect and the weather was still warm.  It rained just enough to sprinkle them with good luck, but stopped just in time for us to continue with the outdoor photos.  It was an absolutely beautiful day from start to finish and Shawn and I were honoured to be a tiny part of it.  Here are some highlights from the day.


Maillet057 Maillet060 Maillet065 Maillet066 Maillet072 Maillet083 Maillet084 Maillet096 Maillet098 Maillet100 Maillet103 Maillet108 Maillet110 Maillet117 Maillet118 Maillet125 Maillet138 Maillet143 Maillet153 Maillet158 Maillet175 Maillet178 Maillet181 Maillet183 Maillet185 Maillet187 Maillet194 Maillet196 Maillet201 Maillet205 Maillet209 Maillet214 Maillet226 Maillet241 Maillet248 Maillet251 Maillet254 Maillet259 Maillet260 Maillet268 Maillet283 Maillet289 Maillet291 Maillet296 Maillet316 Maillet319 Maillet344 Maillet346 Maillet350 Maillet353 Maillet359 Maillet362 Maillet365 Maillet368 Maillet379 Maillet384 Maillet385 Maillet388 Maillet391 Maillet404 Maillet406 Maillet409 Maillet410 Maillet414 Maillet416 Maillet419 Maillet425 Maillet429 Maillet431 Maillet438 Maillet446 Maillet451 Maillet474 Maillet475 Maillet476 Maillet479 Maillet484 Maillet486 Maillet502 Maillet504 Maillet505 Maillet509 Maillet521 Maillet523 Maillet556 Maillet561 Maillet562 Maillet564 Maillet566 Maillet568 Maillet574 Maillet575 Maillet583 Maillet586 Maillet588 Maillet594 Maillet596 Maillet601 Maillet607 Maillet609 Maillet614 Maillet615 Maillet616 Maillet618 Maillet621 Maillet626 Maillet629 Maillet630 Maillet631 Maillet642 Maillet656 Maillet657 Maillet663 Maillet693


Vendors: Makeup – Annie Grondin, Hair – Karine Lajoie from Today’s Hair Design, Dress – The Wedding Place, Tux – Tip Top Tailors, Decor – Anne Boudreau, Cupcakes – Melanie at Mimi’s Cake, DJ – Serge Goguen of SBG Music Services, Venue – Notre Dame Community Centre, Flowers – Jessica Lamb from Flower House

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